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Barber, Adagio for Strings. Original orchestral version… or… ; one piano arrangement… String synthesizer version that would sound a little like Ian:…

Who is Amy?

A taste of Pat Metheny acoustic:… another… and another…

The ice breaks
Roadhouse duet
When the heart

GTR (Howe/Hackett): When the heart rules the mind… [That was the working title of the novel]

Firth of fifth 

King’s X, “Goldilocks”…

Lakeside Park

King’s X, “It’s Love” (live)…

Different strings
Clair de lune
Getting tighter 
Maggie returns
Not about us
Ian alone
  • Klaus Schulze, “Kagi’s Lament”… As one (otherwise negative) reviewer of the album wrote: “there is no denying this piece’s sorrowful beauty”. Particularly the first seven minutes…

Transfigured Night
After the ordeal

Wedding concert:

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