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By day, Nitay Arbel is a mad scientist who has lived and worked around the globe.  He just started publishing fiction in mid-2016, with his first full-length novel,  On Different Strings.


OPERATION FLASH is his first foray into alternate history (set in World War Two).



Operation Flash series
Ep.1: Knight's Gambit Accepted (eBook)
One Music As Before Press, May 8, 2019 



On March 21, 1943, one man came within a hairbreadth of blowing up nearly the entire Nazi top.

In timeline DE1943RG, he succeeded.

Then the conspirators discovered that killing Hitler and his chief henchmen was the easy part.


Ep. 2: Hinges Of Fate (eBook)
One Music As Before Press, August 15, 2019 



Early April, 1943. Following the March 21 coup, Germany is in the grip of a low-level civil war.
Nazi diehards rally around Martin Bormann in Munich.

In Berlin, the Emergency Reich Government of Carl Goerdeler and Ludwig Beck struggles to maintain a foothold while fighting a two-front war against the Allies.

But a meeting abroad may change everything...

Meanwhile, Goerdeler's special adjutant, Maj. Felix Winter investigates what turn out to be crimes beyond even the conspirators’ worst fears... 

Ep. 3: Spring Awakening (eBook)
One Music As Before Press, April 6, 2020 


A desperate military situation forces Carl Goerdeler's Emergency Reich Government (ERG) to make a bargain with the devil.
Across the Channel, Winston Churchill plays for time as he pursues a separate peace with Goerdeler.
Two old acquaintances make the first steps on a long march toward national atonement.
And meanwhile, the ERG’s deadliest enemy lurks within its gates.


By combining historical figures with fabricated point-of-view characters, Arbel gives us a behind-the-scenes look at a history that was ALMOST ours. It's really a matter of moments that prevented this scenario from taking place[..]
I'm not sure exactly how he does it, but to me, Arbel seems to be writing of that time as a contemporary writer would. The scenes and characters seem to me to be thoroughly authentic, and NOT 21st century moments rotated backwards 80 years[...] I was utterly fascinated by this work.[...] I devoured it in one session. It's that good. I am looking forward, oh, yes I am, to more in this series[...]

Pat Patterson on GoodReads

Excellently done, terrific amount of accurate detail, VERY well written, and great fun to read. I cannot wait for the next installment. 

Reviewer "Dick" on Amazon

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Winter Into Spring: A Novella (eBook)
One Music As Before Press, February 10, 2017 (52 pages)

Veronica "Ronnie" Zielinski is a librarian in the Chicago suburbs. She's always dreamed of writing, but has never dared pursue her own dreams --- the needs of others have always come first. Until one day, a mysterious new library patron changes her life by opening her eyes to her self-imposed prison and encouraging her to break free…

Freedom's Light: Short Stories​ (eBook) (paperback)
Victory Fiction, January 16, 2017
 (276 pages)

From the members and associates of the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance (CLFA) comes Freedom’s Light, a collection of short fiction that celebrates the human yearning for liberty. These stories will extol the value of human rights and the sacrifices of those who defend those rights. This collection features fifteen works from a wide variety of genres and a diverse set of authors, including Hugo Award nominee Brad R. Torgersen and 2016 Dragon Award winner Nick Cole. Freedom’s Light will entertain us and elevate the humanity we all share. Net proceeds benefit the FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education).

Nitay Arbel's "The Tenth Righteous Man" opens the collection.

On Different Strings: A Musical Romance (eBook)​ (paperback)
One Music As Before Press, June 7, 2016 (273 pages)

Guitar virtuoso Amy Ziegler ekes out a precarious living as a teaching assistant in the Mays College music department. One day a mysterious older student shows up: Ian Keenan, an engineering professor and closet songwriter. Opposites attract, and music is the language of the spirit. 


Each is passionate about music, and each has been deeply wounded in love. Thus a weird yet wonderful friendship grows between the reserved English academic and the outgoing small-town Texan girl who grew up in poverty. Each secretly starts yearning for more, but the world has other ideas. Soon they become caught in a maelstrom between rivals, exes, their own pasts, activists, and campus bureaucrats. Will the rapids tear them apart, or will love and sanity prevail?

Reactions to "On Different Strings"

A genre-busting love story. It [...] challenges preconceptions and leaves the reader questioning common wisdom. It is also a bit of a suspense thriller. And there is an element of Kafka.

I'm not usually a big fan of the Romance genre. This book is just different...The characters are very well-developed... I knew I would give this story a very high rating, because I realized how badly I wanted them to succeed, though it seemed impossible. Mr. Arbel subtly drew me into his tale so thoroughly that I was emotionally attached to his characters. 

Reviewer "DukeEarle"

An interesting twist on the classic May-November romance and both lead characters are wonderful. The main "baddie" [...] comes across as both believable and sympathetic...This book is a great example of how you can write a scorching romantic story without explicit sex.

Reviewer "FrancisT"

I'm completely absorbed in your book... I loved it! 

Reader "S.", via PM

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